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The ultimate restoration project? Retired lawyer Nigel Montgomery rebuilds WW2 Churchill tanks - then uses them as a school teaching aid.

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When you were ten years old, did you have school outings that involved a working WW2 tank? No, me neither. But think how thrilled we would have been to get up-close and personal with something like the Churchill pictured here; to see it move and hear the growl of its 21-litre engine and the clank of its tracks. Who knows what seeds might have been sown by such a formative experience?

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And that’s exactly the thinking behind ¬e Churchill Trust, a charitable body founded by retired City lawyer Nigel Montgomery. As a boy in the late 1960s, he helped his father restore a vintage Bentley - which is still in the family - and it was his life-long love of engineering and British ingenuity that made him want to get today’s generation of children enthused in the same way.

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