Features from Octane UK:FASTBACK IN ACTION

The Lindner Nöcker Low-Drag E-type underwent one of the most remarkable restorations of all time. Now Octane drives it.

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Five thousand and twelve hours. That’s over 200 24-hour days. Or 125 of typical 9am to 5pm working weeks. That’s how long it took to restore the bodywork of the Lindner Nöcker. Not the entire car. Just its bodywork.’ Recognise those words? Regular readers might recall editor David Lillywhite’s story of the restoration of the unique factorybuilt Jaguar E-type Low-Drag Lightweight from issue 104 - that’s fully four years ago now.


The story was about far more than simply cleaning up and reassembling old parts and we’ll come back to a brief, potted history shortly. Since that moment when all the work finally came to an end, as the owner of the Lindner Nöcker E-type and founder of Classic Motor Cars Ltd, which restored it, Peter Neumark has been busy enjoying the fruits of all that labour, taking part in such events as Chelsea Auto Legends and the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in it, not to mention accepting the trophy for Restoration of the Year in 2011’s inaugural International Historic Motoring Awards. And now he’s invited Octane along to one of his customer get-togethers at Anglesey Circuit, so we can find out how it drives.